Sense Active’s first football session

a deafbling girl and her communicator guide playing football at a Sense Active football eventOn a cold December morning in Sandwell, 17 very enthusiastic participants – complete with scarves and gloves – took to the football pitch to take part in what was Sense’s first ever football session.

Although for many, it may have been the first time they have ever had a football at their feet, there was plenty of excellent dribbling, passing, shooting and catching on display.

There seemed to be smiles all round, and a cup of tea in the warm café area afterwards gave participants the opportunity to share their views on football.

“I enjoyed controlling the ball as it came towards me”

“I loved being in goal- I want to do it again!”


“I got a lot out of it- just the chance to take part was fantastic”

were some of the comments received as we reflected on the past hour of activity.

Although some of us may play or watch football regularly, we often forget the important lessons and skills that team sports can teach us. Throughout the session, participants had the chance to work both individually and in groups, developing coordination, communication and teamwork- things which are important to apply to our everyday lives.

Two men, smiling with their thumbs up at a Sense Active football eventWe left the Portway Lifestyle Centre looking back on an hour of fun, and looking forward to doing more of the same over the coming weeks.

Many thanks to Paul from The Albion Foundation, who delivered the session.

We now have regular football sessions taking place on Friday afternoons, 2pm – 3pm at the Portway Lifestyle Centre.

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