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Window Eyes logoWe have some really good news for those of you who use a screen reader on your Windows based computer. G W Micro the maker of Window Eyes screen reader and Microsoft have announced that as long as you have Microsoft Office 2010 or above, either as a standard DVD install or a subscription to Microsoft 365 you have access to a free fully functioning copy of Window Eyes.

You will also need a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8/8.1

The only differences between the free and paid versions are as follows:

The free version does not have:

  1. Braille & Large Print instruction manual.
  2. You have only the standard Microsoft voices (others are available for £40.00 excluding VAT).
  3. Technical Support is provided for initial setup only.

It is important for those of you who use a Braille display that you check beforehand that it will work with Window Eyes prior to downloading the software. The link below will take you to the support page listing supported Braille displays and speech synthesisers.

Braille Displays and Synthesisers supported by Window Eyes.

So where can you get the download and further information?

Download your copy at


Instruction Manuals in HTML, PDF & Audio formats.

Window Eyes Manuals

In this area you may see the manual ending in “.chrm” this is a container (folder) of a HTML document and can be opened on any Microsoft Windows computer.

New to Window Eyes “Did you know” podcasts in mp3 format.

Window Eyes Podcasts in MP3

The audio versions also have an RSS feed for subscribing to them with your favourite podcast software.

Getting Started Guide for Window Eyes for Office Video Full Version.

Getting Started with Window Eyes for Office Youtube link

Computer Room Services is the UK Distributor for Window Eyes and they can be contacted at:

GW Micro at Computer Room Services

Or contact them at:

Telephone +44(0)1438 742286
Fax: +44(0)1438 759589
Mobile: +44(0)7956 334938

Once again this is really exciting news for those who use a screen reader and we would welcome your feedback at

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