The wonders of my new toy

Lynda JonesLynda Jones

Earlier this year I had a very difficult decision to make.  Should I continue with my mobile phone and its tactile keys and TALKS software, or take the plunge and get an iPhone given that TALKS is no longer readily available? I was comfortable with my Nokia and TALKS and very nervous about using a touch screen and more complicated technology, but after much thought I took the plunge. I visited a couple of local mobile phone shops and found the O2 shop assistant was the most helpful and set up my new phone with voice over and phonetic alphabet.  On a frivolous note, I bought a bright pink one!

I had to wait two weeks before getting one to one instructions on how to text and make phone calls but in the meantime I was told about Siri and could ask my iPhone to send texts and make calls.  I learnt that I had to be careful though as Siri sometimes didn’t get it right. Once I sent a text saying “Say hello to everyone XXX”, but unfortunately Siri sent “Say hello to everyone except sex.” Ooops!  It did give everyone a good laugh and I shall never live it down.

I was delighted to discover that I could also use Siri to make appointments in the calendar and then ask the phone when a particular appointment was and even whether I was doing anything on a certain day.

Once I did learn how to manually text I thought that I would never master the double tap to get the letter or command needed.  It took me two weeks to get the knack and I was very slow.  I got quite frustrated and had to practice a lot, but I’m improving and getting quicker, making fewer mistakes and beginning to feel more confident all the time.

I have found the weather app extremely useful because it gives the percentage of rainfall for the day and I know whether it is worth hanging out the washing and which coat to wear. Even the camera was a surprise, I decided to try it  out even though I knew I wouldn’t see much on the screen. I took a photo of my husband and was amazed when the phone said “One face, top right hand corner.”  How clever is that!

All in all it has been a positive experience so far, however I do know I am driving my husband, a self confessed technophobe, quietly mad with my constant references to the wonders of my new toy!

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