A Picnic with Squirrels

“I showed the flower papers we made last week to my carer. She loved it so much that she bought me some papers so that I could make flower papers for her.” – Pam ( Participant)
The goal of this art workshop is not about gaining art skills but enriching  everyday experience through creativity and imagination.
Each week, the session revolves around the theme of a forest. Previously, trees and flowers were the key subjects for painting and sculpture.  This week, we worked on a rather imaginative topic: making a bowl & mug set for a picnic with squirrels.
After handing out some acorns for inspiration, I demonstrated how to use Polymorph, which is a new plastic material that is pliable once it’s applied with warm water. Participants absolutely loved this new material and some preferred this to clay!
Once they made a bowl & mug set using Polymorph, we designed tablemats using Paul Cézanne’s still-life paintings as a basis for abstract collage.
20140906_131400  20140906_131406
First, participants made a sketch with charcoal and then collaged colour cards while creating abstract arrangement of still life. It was interesting to see how variable their collages were in spite of using the same basis.
20140906_140105 20140906_14014320140906_141719
20140906_142144 (1)
For a group review, a bowl & mug set was displayed on the tablemat they designed.
This is the time when participants could look at what everyone else has made, and also share compliments and encouragement to each other.
For the next class, we will paint these plastic bowls and mugs with acrylic paints.

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