Clay Animals & Coloured Mugs



Every week participants are given a creative task to do for homework which is a preparation for the following class.

Last week, they made a drawing of their favourite animals every day which became the subject of the class today.

Using their drawings as a guide, they shaped a number of animals with clay.

As they have used plastic (Polymoph) for moulding during the last session (which was a more difficult material to handle as it hardens quickly),

this week, with clay, the participants were able to make more complicated shapes:

such as a rabbit, a turtle and an elephant.




Pat who has lost her sight completely, insisted on using polymorph despite her difficulties. She made a fantastic little bunny face with little whiskers!

Kevin, her husband, made an alligator.

After the morning session with clay, participants painted a bowl and a mug set that they made with polymorph last week. In order to try different medium for painting, this time, we used acrylic colours, which is is linked to the oil painting we did two weeks ago when they made flower paintings using oil colours.



The purpose of this 10 week-long art class is to use different materials specific to each subject every week so that participants can gain various experiences of expressing creativity and imagination.

This week, we will make a bird and tree house.




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