At Westminster Pier this morning, Big Ben chiming in the background and sun streaming along the Thames a 99 year old Dunkirk ship docked, swathed in 7,000 pompoms – many made by the people Sense supports across the United Kingdom.

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The pompoms sailed away with Kirstie Allsopp to Hampton Court Palace for the launch of the #worldpomination, a World Record attempt for the longest Pompom chain at The Handmade Fair in support of Sense.

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When we started The Great Sense Pompom Challenge almost twelve months ago, we had no idea that we’d be at this point. Our campaign started as a very simple idea – to get everyone doing something fun together to raise awareness of Sense and deafblindness.

People from all around Sense crafted pompoms, that we then stitched together into an enormous Tapestry of Touch that toured around the UK for six months, finishing in Kings Cross Station.

When the Handmade Fair announced their intentions to embark on #worldpomination and get as many people making pompoms as possible to smash a Guinness World Record, we were thrilled!

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It meant that and even wider audience would be exploring tactile arts and gain a better understanding of how deafblind people connect with the world through their sense of touch.

This morning seeing the thousands of pompoms created by deafblind people, their families and Sense supporters a year ago, embark on a new journey filled us with pride! Big thanks to the handmade fair and Kirstie Allsopp for making it all possible!

Let #worldpomination begin!

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The Handmade Fair takes place at Hampton Court from the 19th-21st September.  Sense is the official pompom charity and part of the world record attempt for the longest line of pompoms ever created.  Join in the #worlpomination attempt – simply make three pompoms and drop them off before the show at any Hobbycraft store.

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