A Pasta-House with a Biscuit Wall

This is one of the participants said after being asked about using different materials at the weeky art class:

It was interesting to work with different materials each week. If somebody told me to make a leaf out of wire or a bird out of leaves, I would be thinking it was mad. But  now that I’ve done it, I know it is possible to make.


To take a further step in finding materials for art from nature, this week, we used cooking ingredients as medium to build a house.


For an assignment last week, participants were asked to draw a house and a garden with a tree by incorporating various materials.

20141004_143648 20141004_143637 20141004_143626 20141004_143608

Based on their assignments, participants constructed a house by using dry pasta, spaghetti, macaroni and some biscuits.



Based on form and shape of ingredients, participants designed a roof, window and a door

by using pasta as a brick or a log.




These are their final works:

20141004_143510 20141004_143311 20141004_143218


Next week, we will make a community- garden and participants were asked bring any material

to make `free-style’ mix-match collage.


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