Lake Animals & Creative Envelopes for the Mini Exhibitions

20141018_112845Each week, we start by looking at the participants’ homework.

Flipping through Sheila’s, one of our most enthusiastic participants, I could smell some sort of Chinese food.

The origin of this smell came from her collage with sweet corn that she took from her dinner last week.

She said after the previous class (making collages with marshmallow and raisins)  she wanted to make some extra works.

These are her collages that she made at home:

She asked her friend to send her something so that she could use it as a material. To that request, her friend mailed her some seed packages.

It was remarkable to see her passion and enthusiasm to create something new everyday and carry on art-making outside the class.

For today’s homework, participants were asked to make five drawings of animals that live around a lake. Based on these drawings, we made animals with clay.

For the afternoon session, we designed creative envelopes for invitations for the mini exhibition next week.


Participants designed the shape of window and inside of the envelop so that each envelop has its unique shape.

For the final class, participants were asked to bring the works that they made during the class and they will be on display for the Mini Exhibition.

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