Paper and Leaf Birds

Unlike during the previous week when we used hard/industrial materials such as wood or nails, this week, we worked with soft materials such as papers and leaves.


Firstly, we worked with craft papers by forming bird shapes based on the participants’ homework of drawing five birds. Then, we glued strips of tissue paper as if they were feathers.
Although it seemed simple to use paper, which is a common material, it was challenging to make the right sized belly of the bird by forming a volume with thin pieces of paper.

sense-W6-bird crafts

For the afternoon session, participants made birds by making a collage with leaves.


sense-W6-bird table

sense-W6-making bird leaves

It was great to see how everyone enjoyed working with leaves and made beautiful bird collages.

This is what Sheila said:

I’ve never made anything with leaves before. My owl has such a wonderful texture now!

sense-W6-bird leaves 03

Sara made a peacock out of leaves although she felt challenged by the complicated pattern at first.

But, in spite of some difficulties, once she completed a collage, this is what she said:

“Tomorrow, I am going take a long walk to the park near where I live and collect some leaves to make bird drawings.

I will do some extra homework; it gives me something to do everyday.”

It was just amazing to see her enthusiasm and passion for creating something new everyday.


sense-W6-making peacock



The very reason that I chose materials that are easily accessbile such as papers or leaves is because I would like them to

incorporate them in their daily lives, to their daily creativity. By listening to her comments, it made me realise they are capable of apply and take further steps.


sense-W6-group view2

sense-W6-bird-pat sense-W6-group view           sense-W6-bird leaves 04  sense-W6-bird leaves 02 sense-W6-bird leaves 01

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