All the world’s a stage: and other things we learned at the Globe


As part of our Sense Arts and Wellbeing programme, we have been focussing on accessing culture. Working with our friends at the Globe theatre, we took a tour of the space. It was all very exciting and we are really looking forward to experiencing Othello in a few weeks time..

One of the artists we support had this to say about the experience from an MSI point of view:

About the Globe Theatre. Good.

We stand on stage. It made an echo sound. It was cold and windy because there was no sunshine and no roof. I felt the very big pillar that holds up the stage. 

It feels like a pop star being on the stage. I think there was a dressing room; people go to dress and have make up on. There was a man talking to us, called David.

It’s a round shape like the world. Underneath the stage was different. There was some steps to go down. The trap door, disappearing like a magician. I think there was a bit of wood in the stage. It was made from oak, an oak tree.

I did like the Globe Theatre. We go to a new place in the van. We met one of my friends from college and Sense of Space. I think it’s very noisy when you go in the theatre, like Dalston Theatre (The Arcola).  

William Shakespeare. I think its William Shakespeare. I think he’s a man what wrote stories. We are going in March to the play. A play is a bit like a musical, but a play doesn’t have any songs in it.

I think there was a café. That’s where we had things to eat. The food. I would like to go again to the theatre. Thank you for having us.


A huge thank you to David Bellwood for the tour of the Globe theatre. This was a great experience for the multisensory impaired people we supported there. We look forward to visiting again soon.

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