Looms of sound


An eTextiles workshop ran at Touchbase South East creating looms that were then connected to a computer that made different sounds when touched in different places.

Below is some feedback from one of our Sense artists providing a great MSI perspective on the workshop:

Well, I think the weaving was a bit like the wool.

It’s made from sheep’s wool. I just weaved it. Feel the different textures of the wool. I think it’s a ball of wool.

Felt a bit like felt tip pens. To make sounds with.

The dononong sounds!

I think it sounds like  instruments. I think the lady came to visit. Emily and Sarah.

 I think I enjoyed it. I like to do it again.  Rebecca was really good to work with me and Veronica.

I think different sounds like animals from the farm .  


I took my weaving home.
It smells like sheep’s wool.  I think it was a good session.

It was hard because the wool was a bit soft. I think people have to tangle the wool sometimes. In and out with the wool; in and out and shake it all about!

Thank you for helping us with the weaving.

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A special thanks to Emilie, Sarah and Janet from the Open University for the opportunity.
Please check them out for more information via www.twitter.com
Emilie @me_backwards
Sarah @oopsohno
Janet @JanetvdLinden

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