Riddles of the River

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I move through water 

I sleep by the river bank 

I like summer 

Fish swim under me 

I smell like smoke 

I eat oil and make engine noise 

I take people on holiday 

Who am I? 

The London group of Poems of the River met for the third time in Greenwich and it was wonderful to see how confidence is growing and comfort is setting in.

Group members talked about looking forward to Fridays, as they know it will be filled with games and creative activities themed around rivers!

The room was decorated with drawings from the previous week and the group did well to remember our river song, complete with signs which we performed together to (and with!) our new group members who quickly learned the song.

Next we discussed some new river animals and created a fresh story as a group about… a fish. Inspired by a certain Big Mouth Billy Bass, who sung a fair few renditions of his classic hit songs for us!

The group created the sounds of the river using gloves, bells and a rain maker whilst Laila read ‘The Pike is staying still’. There are so many ways to make, tell and share poetry and there is always a way to get involved.


Our most recent poem…

The fish is… 


soft and slimey 

with gold green scales

happy when moving its’ tail 

playing music and singing! 

it tastes like water

eats baby fish 

has grey eyes

looks like algae 

and smells funny!  

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