RoboBraille offers quick online braille transciption

In this oldblog, we’re going to focus on an online resource called ‘RoboBraille’.

Paper with Braille embossedRoboBraille is an e-mail and web-based service capable of automatically transforming documents into a variety of alternative formats for the visually impaired. This service is free for individuals and there is no need to register. You simply fill out the simple self-service form, upload your document that you wish to be made accessible and the Robobraille service will email the document back to you within minutes.

Robobraille offers four different services. The braille transcription service allows you to upload documents which will then be converted in to ready to Emboss braille formats ensuring that the document will be accessible in Braille once it has been embossed.

The audio service allows you to convert your document in to MP3 audio files which will be particularly useful if you are producing something for someone who doesn’t read braille.

Robobraille also has an Ebook service allowing you to convert your document in to EPUB or Mobi pocket (the format Amazon Kindle Ebooks are produced in).

Lastly, Robobraille allows you to convert otherwise inaccessible documents such as image files in gif, tiff, jpg, bmp, pcx, dcx, j2k, jp2, jpx, djv and image-only pdf, as well as all types of pdf files to more accessible formats including tagged pdf, doc, docx, Word xml, xls, xlsx, csv, text, rtf and html. Furthermore, the service supports conversion of Microsoft Office documents into tagged pdf format.

Robobraille is really easy to use. Simply go to the RoboBraille website and follow the four stages to have the document converted in to an alternative format (Braille, Audio Ebook etc). The file will then be emailed to you in your chosen format extremely quickly. I tested it out converting one of my previous oldblog posts in to an audio file and it worked a treat.

This is a great service particularly given that it is free to use for individuals and not-for-profit organisations.


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