No such thing as empty space

I’m spending this week working with an acoustician and a set a set builder at the Call and Response Gallery in London:

Matt Lewis image copy
We’re designing an immersive installation with vibrating panels and floor. We’ve been testing out how different materials respond to different frequencies being played through them.

Tomorrow I’m in Luton and Peterborough and we’ll be listening back to some of the recordings made over the last 6 months

1 copy

2 copy

3 copy

Last week a group from Keech took themselves off for a train journey to Luton airport, armed with some recording devices, I’m excited to hear what they collected. Some of the participants rarely travel by train and the experience the passing high speed trains at Luton station was both exhilarating and exciting.

The installation tour will kick off at Metal in Peterborough on 19th June:

They’ve been kind enough to host me as a resident artist to develop the work I’ve been doing with Sense in the area:

Watch this Space!


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