Deft Digits: Giant Finger Knitting

Material Memories: Week 10

We had a guest facilitator this week; textile artist Nicole Line. 

There had been MUCH excitement about this workshop, with one of our group especially interested in getting to grips with the notion of knitting without fiddly needles.

The workshop did not disappoint…chunky, accessible, fun and tactile, Nicole had lots of examples to show us from knitted telephone wire, crocheted wire, childhood knits to a sturdy weave made from rubber bands. She walked us through the processes of Finger Knitting, Giant Knitting, French Knitting and making our own t-shirt yarn. A brilliant time was had by all, with everyone ( especially me) persevering till we got the technique right.

finger knitting material memories
All fingers and thumbs! Being guided through the initial stages.

finger knitting Alex McEwan

You get in a bit of a tangle to start with but it quickly takes shape… caution – always remember to take your arm out of your jacket sleeve before you start!

finger knitting material memories
Once you get the hang of it, finger knitting is extremely relaxing and the perfect accompaniment to a bit of a natter.
finger knitting sense uk
Feeling the wooly potential… discussions on ideas to knit a dog basket for Bruce the guide dog.

Finger knitting mastered we moved on to giant knitting, which does not involve giants but does involve very large knitting needles, which you tuck under your arms…

giant knitting material memories
On the plus side these are much easier to use than normal knitting needles but on the down side it is much more noticeable when you drop a stitch!
giant knitting material memories
Watch out there’s a giant knitter about…
french knitting material memory
Moving on to French Knitting….
How to make t -shirt yarn. Hoping the husband of one of our group won't miss his t-shirt!
How to make our own t -shirt yarn, so we can carry on knitting at home. Hoping the husband of one of our group won’t miss his t-shirt!

When we got stuck we helped each other.

alex mcewan sense material memories
Examples of our labour. Bold, colourful, deliciously tactile, boingy and highly addictive! If you get fidgety fingers then this is for you!

Well done everyone, you are much better knitters than me, thanks for being patient with me.

Thank you Nicole for delivering a great workshop and to Polly for all her enthusiastic support and showing off by knitting with scissors!

finger knitting material memories
A congratulatory handshake from maker to maker for a job well done.

Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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