Desert Island… Dishes

Desert Island Shopping list created by Quilt Tales group.
Something for everyone on this shopping list. Comprehensively eclectic good eating!

If you where stuck on a desert island what would be in your dream picnic basket? Would any of the following feature?

Roast chicken, penguin biscuits, fruit salad, bagels, chocolate for dipping fruit in, whisky, roast beef, champagne, strawberries and ice cream, snowballs, Shepard’s pie, cider, Caerphilly cheese or hot curry?

Need more time to think about it?

So did we …so we got our noses to start off the thinking for us!

Food & drink never fails to get this group talking, but as a bit of a prompt we opened the session with an onslaught to the nasal passages.  We passed food and drink related smelling  jars around the table and had a think about what they might be and chatted about memories they conjured up. The link between smell and memory is well documented and this was confirmed by many a strong reaction; wrinkled nose or broad grin ending in a loud exclamation of a time or place past. Our group may have assorted sensory impairments but they all have a keen sense of smell.

In the smelling jars the foods to get the noses, tastebuds and memories tingling were:

Almond, beef stock, orange,  whisky, mixed spice, garlic, ginger beer, vinegar and chocolate.

All ‘a bit whiffy’ and pleasant or repulsive in equal measures depending on the memories they conjured up for the person behind the nose smelling them!

Smelling the bottled past. Leo & Louise.
Smelling the bottled past.
Laughing at each others reactions to the smells in the jars.
Laughing at each others strong reactions.
Thelma & Louise share a common food dislike and have a good giggle about food memories.
Thelma & Louise share a common food dislike and have a good giggle.


Each week Quilt Tales take a new topic around which we create discussion to add images and tales to our quilt. Often these topics become intertwined and provide a springboard which shoot us off into the path another  topic for following workshops. In this way the group direct the continued course of the workshops and create a sense of community.

More about Quilt Tales workshops run by Alex McEwan on behalf of Sense UK coming to a your screens soon.

Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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