Food and… Ink?

A hearty laugh in reaction to a vinegary nasal onslaught!
A hearty laugh in reaction to a vinegary nasal onslaught!

Quilt Tales 2: Week 4 @ Edward Pauling House.

This week we got stuck into something everyone likes to talk about because everyone has an opinion on Food and Drink. We discussed favourite meals past and present, foodie dislikes, chose our Desert Island Desserts, divulged what memories certain foods conjure up for us, favourite food brands and packaging and nattered about how things have changed, wartime rationing, growing your own veg and how tastes are very different now…. but we remained pursed lipped, and rightly so,  about secret family recipes. Whilst we chatted, a number of us finished off our weaving from the previous week. This is how we got on…

Each time we do a Quilting Project we tailor the inspiration to the venue and take direction as much as possible from the makers themselves, but there is one session what never fails to get a good vibe going and…’if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it’, as I was wisely told by a member of our Material Memories group. So out came the numbered ‘Mystery Smelling Jars”! In the absence of ‘smelly -vision’ I can disclose that the groups noses were smelling:
Almond, Pine Disinfectant, Orange peel, TCP, Red Wine Vinegar, Ground Ginger and Coffee.

Nostrils tingling, we set to work on our artistic activity for this week, Ink Drawings. Ink drawings are great fun and because they are, by nature, unpredictable there is absolutely no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of doing them ( except suck the ink UP the straw!) and hence there is no pressure on the makers as to how they turn out. We got stuck in and when we managed to catch our breath again this is what we had achieved.

The ink drawings created by the group this week will be scanned into the computer, printed onto heat transfer paper and heat pressed onto recycled fabric to create panels for the quilt. Foodie memories and tales will also be transcribed and transferred onto fabric and become the Tales, which will become the reverse side of the Quilt Tales 2, quilt.

Each week we ask for feedback, ( no pun  intended!) from our makers as to how much they have enjoyed both the social interaction and creative content of the session. And the judges’ scores are in…

Anne: 10/10 “Very nice morning, i’ve enjoyed it.”

Joyce: 10/10 “I’ve really enjoy myself. I don’t think I’ve not done anything like this before.”

Kenny: 10/10 “Friendly, entertaining, very enjoyable.”

Len: 5.5/10 “FAB-U-LOUS!”( we were of course hoping for a ’10 from Len’ or at least a ‘SEV-EN!’ Sorry if are reading this outside the UK this Strictly Come Dancing reference may be lost on you.)

Sheila: 10/10 “SUPER, just super!”

Sheila, filled with foodie inspiration and fuelled by the positive effects of  a mornings ‘hard craft’ did something she hasn’t done for years…she took herself out to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, saying;

‘I’ve had such a good time this week. I’ve felt a lot less anxious since I’ve been coming here.”

We couldn’t ask for more Sheila, Bon Appétit!


Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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