Playing with politicians

Child playing with toys at table

Government Ministers, glittery play-dough and switch-operated dancing teddy bears; what else could possibly bring these things together other than the Sense Cymru Play In at the Senedd?

This week, Sense Cymru invited parents, children, play providers and Assembly Members to join us at the Senedd – the home of Wales’ National Assembly – as part of Sense’s ongoing Play campaign. We took this opportunity to showcase the potential of play for children with Multi-Sensory Impairment (MSI) by giving children and adults alike the opportunity to experience sensory play at first hand.

The Senedd’s Oriel, overlooking Cardiff Bay, was peppered with play stations, each with its own theme or remit relating to a particular form of play. We had play stations with:

  • Musical instruments, including flashing tambourines and reverberating percussion
  • Messy play, where there were squishy bags with hidden objects and play dough to encourage exploration through touch
  • A resonance board – a wooden that enables a child with MSI to experience vibrations and feelings, encouraging them to make use of the senses they have
  • Various toys with vibrations and lights
  • Switch operated toys and iPad apps to encourage choice and to learn about cause and effect

Author: Catrin Edwards

Swyddog Polisi ac Ymgyrchoedd | Policy and Campaigns Officer (Wales) for Sense Public Policy

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