An update about the Next Generation Text Relay service

Steven Morris, Digital Champions Coordinator, Online Today project

Some readers of the oldblog may be aware that BT has recently replaced their old text relay service with the new Next Generation Text Relay Service (NGT). Last year, Janet Caldwell, one of our Online Today Digital Champions wrote a piece about her experiences of using NGT after she attended an event with BT.

NGT means that text relay is now available to use on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, meaning that you can use it out and about. NGT enables relay operator assisted calls as well as text to text calls. To use NGT, you need to download an app called ‘NGT Lite’ to your internet enabled Smartphone, Tablet or computer. Sense has developed some guidance online which also has links to the NGT website where you can get more help or information and download the app.

The reason for this oldblog post is to let you know about an update to the NGT Lite app that will affect you if you are already using the service prior to 26 April 2016.

From this date, a new version of NGT Lite will be available to download from the Google Play store (for Android users), the Apple App Store and the NGT website. It is important that if you have an older version of the app installed on your internet enabled smartphone, tablet or computer that you update as older versions of the NGT Lite app will no longer be supported. For Android Users who are running version 4.0 (also known as ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’) you will need to update to the latest version of Android before the new NGT Lite app will work with your device.

Some devices will automatically update to the latest version of NGT Lite but to be sure you are up-to-date, select ‘Options’ and then ‘Help’ in the NGT Lite app.

The latest releases are:
• Android version 1.52
• iOS version 1.51
• Windows version 1.50

The new version of NGT Lite includes important security and stability updates as well as enhancing compatibility with Android 6.0 (also known as ‘Marshmallow’).

The NGT website has lots of help if you are having trouble updating or, you can contact the NGT helpline on 0800 7311 888 from a mobile or landline telephone, or call 0800 500 888 from a textphone or if using your NGT Lite app.

Author: Steven Morris

Policy and Campaigns Officer at Sense

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