Pottery Collaboration between The Flying Potter and The Garden Room

As part of the Creative Black Country fund, Sense had the fantastic opportunity to work with Jon Williams – the flying potter,  from Eastnor Pottery. Eight Sense participants had the chance to create ceramic artworks and develop their skills as a potter.

As founder of Eastnor Pottery, Jon has years of experience delivering inclusive workshops, and delivered three bespoke workshops for Sense participants. The first workshop took place at Eastnor Pottery next to Ledbury. The other two workshops happened at Sense’s community resource centre, The Garden Room, in Smethwick.

In all three workshops, participants created pieces on the potter wheel and by freehand. Jess Evans from The Garden Room also helped with the expert facilitation by offering 1:1 support in the workshop for whoever needed it.  The end creations will be exhibited in the Garden Room and will be a part of the ‘I Know I Can’t See But I Still Look’  exhibition, in collaboration with Glenn Howells Architects.


Support Worker

“The workshops have been a real success. You can tell from the way people are smiling and laughing aloud when joining in ”

Support Worker

“It’s been really great for our group to come along to the workshops. It’s been fab to see the positive impact coming to a new studio has had and the amount of time people have engaged with the activity.”

 Jon Williams

“I’ve had such fun working with Sense. The three sessions have been brilliant, with full-on engagement from the participants and staff. The energy and joy throughout has been truly palpable.

Everybody, without exception was able to access the clay in their own special way, with some of the guys displaying massive concentration and dedication.

I was particularly moved by the expressions of pride exhibited by participants as they scooped their freshly thrown, and very precious first-time pots from the potter’s wheel – proper magic moment!

We have produced some cracking collaborative and individual work which I’m sure, once fired and presented to the makers, will give a further boost to  participant’s well being and sense of achievement. It’s been a privilege for sure.”

pot4 pot1 pot2 pot3

Author: Stephanie Tyrrell

Arts and Wellbeing Projects and Development Manager at Sense

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