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We have embedded some pioneering research into the TEXTtile project programme. In collaboration with Higher Education Academy colleagues we will be running three short Connecting Classes workshops the first of which starts in tomorrows TEXTtile workshop.

The idea is allow participants to watch / listen to a short clip of footage and respond to it on twitter starting a conversation with fellow participants in the same room via twitter and reaching out to create a broader audience from other classes, from a variety of disciplines, music, photography etc., who we welcome to join in the dialogue in real time.

Using the Sense iPads and iPad minis our makers will have one to one support to watch / listen and anonomously tweet their thoughts on the short video clip. We will be capturing and tweeting audio clips of reactions, have help on hand in the form of scribers and help with the unfamiliar tech.  We hope to reach  wide audience and ask:

What makes for best inclusive, creative practice in community projects for elderly learners living with the challenges of sensory impairment?

To find out more about this programme take a look at the link https://jonathanworth.org/connecting_classes/connecting-classes-toolkits/

The #CClasses workshop will only last 20mins and then we will be getting messy once more and stuck into this weeks topic of Food &Drink. The clip we will be watching to start the conversation is taken form our Material Memories project. The short film link is below – it’s under 4mins – go on have  a watch. The conversation starts tomorrow Monday 16th May 2016 at GMT 13:15.


Please feel free to join in the conversation and have your voice heard we would love to hear your views and feedback! If you missed the live conversation it is not too late, watch it now and tweet your response. It all adds to the research.

You can tweet us using the #TEXTtile remembering to use the #CClasses to keep it all in one place. It’s an experiment so we shall see what happens.

Thank you, see you in the twitter- sphere.

Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

7 thoughts on “TEXTtile Project joins #CClasses research”

  1. In reaction to #CClasses film clip.
    Community projects “Stop people feeling lonely” – TEXTtile Maker

  2. What are the value of community art projects?
    “Gives you the courage to try other things. I mean I am trying to knit and crochet at the moment. I’m not getting very far, but I am having a good go. I probably wouldn’t have bothered trying that if I hadn’t come here.”
    – TEXTtile Maker in reaction to the #CClasses workshop.

  3. “Stops you feeling isolated and gives you courage, yes I agree you’ve hit it the nail on the head!” – Margaret, TEXTtile Maker

  4. Margaret, TEXTtile Maker on the values of community art projects; “ sharing – everybody knows something about something. And if you can share that little bit of something with somebody else you will learn what their something is. Do you get what I mean?”

  5. “ It very enjoyable meeting different people from different countries, all doing things in a different way and thinking differently. Putting all that together you are learning something from that as well as new art skills. It’s very, very interesting.” – Piera, TEXTtile Maker and Mentor

  6. “It would be great to be every year! Each time you could push people more. We could see each other change, artistically, over time.” – TEXTtile Maker on community arts projects.

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