Eight awesome things you didn’t know about Sense shops

Woman wearing Sense shop manager badge standing outside Sense shop

This week we’re celebrating the opening of our 100th charity shop, which we think is the perfect excuse to share some top Sense shops trivia… Buzzfeed style!

We started in the 80s

Exactly 30 years ago we opened our first ever shop in Kent. It was 1986, the same year Top Gun was flying high at cinemas and Madonna was topping the charts.

900,000 donations and counting

We receive 900,000 donations a year. These are sorted, priced and sold in our shops, eBay and Amazon stores. We could always use more donations, and maybe next year, you could help us reach a million by donating to your local Sense shop.

Man serving woman in shop. Woman places coin in donation jar

Our scariest donation ever

An old hand grenade was found in a box of items donated to our one of our shops earlier this year. When the deadly antique was secured, we all breathed a big sigh of relief!

More than 1,000 volunteers keep our shops open

Over 1,000 amazing people generously give their time to helping keep our 100 Sense shops open. Volunteering in a Sense shop is a great way to make friends, get work experience, and support Sense.

Group of men and women waving and smiling

We sell 2.2 million items a year

There are 2.2 million transactions each year across our shops. That’s one every four minutes! Which means whilst you were reading this, something has been sold and money raised to help Sense. That makes us, and the people we support, very happy!


The most expensive item we ever sold online

The most expensive item we sold on eBay was a rare Chinese Yixing pottery melon lobed teapot, which fetched a whopping £1,141!

Hidden gems

You can find all sorts of amazing hidden gems on our eBay store, from Flying V guitars to signed photos of Patrick Swayze.

Our 100th shop opens this week

30 years after opening our first ever shop, we’re having a big party with prizes, games and an iPad giveaway to celebrate opening our 100th shop in Blackpool.

For information about our shops, how to donate, volunteer and more, visit https://www.sense.org.uk/shop

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