I’m really happy to volunteer at Sense’s cafe

A woman standing in a cafe
Leila volunteering at Cafe 55, TouchBase South East

Leila, who is deafblind, is a Sense ambassador and volunteers at the community cafe in TouchBase South East. TouchBase South East is one of Sense’s flagship resource centres in Barnet, Hertfordhire. The centre supports people who are deafblind and those with complex needs. In this blog, Leila talks about how much she loves volunteering.

Wow, I’m really happy to volunteer at Sense’s Touch Base South East cafe in High Barnet.

Clare Webb helped me and I’m happy to work there on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

I started volunteer work at Touch Base SE cafe on January 2017. The lady names are Tracy, Dada and Monica. They are very nice and friendly. Sadly Monica now have leave sense so we have a new chef lady whose name is Jasmine, she is very nice and friendly. Tracy gave me an apron with cafe 55 on it I am very happy, also I will have ID soon.

A woman cleaning a tableI went in Anna’s car to High Barnet and I met Sam, Dada and Jasmine. I helped with the washing up. I washed the dishes and dried them up, I put the cups on the trolley.

I meet my friends and say hello. We have lunch. After lunch I clean the tables and put the chairs away. I help to clean the kitchen too and put the food away. I gave them only cold foods like salads, not hot foods.

I really like to volunteer work there and I am very happy.
I always look forward to come to Touch Base SE Sense cafe 55 in High Barnet

WOW look I’ve now five volunteer experiences; work family day, Sense cheer volunteer for the London Marathon, at Sense Barking shop, Sense volunteer cheer for a Half Marathon and volunteer at Sense Cafe 55 in High Barnet. I was really busy and I am really very happy.

A new multipurpose venue for the whole community, TouchBase Pears, is opening this September in the heart of Birmingham, in SellyOak.

We’re currently looking for volunteers who want to come together with people like Leila and do remarkable things in our café, reception and customer service areas.

You can register your interest as a volunteer at TouchBase Pears by visiting the Better Impact website.

Author: Leila Touak

Leila is a Sense ambassador

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