Scott’s journey towards being a rock star

A boy drummingAs Manager of the Sense Resource Centre in Wakefield, I’ve known Scott, who comes along every week, for over six years. He’s been on an amazing journey since we first met – and the transformation in him has been huge.

When I first came into contact with Scott he had a number of problems. He’d just lost the placement where he was living because of his behaviour, and had also spent time in hospital, where he gained a lot of weight. This really affected his health and self-esteem.

Making a change

Scott had always described himself to us as being overweight, and called himself ‘fat’. One week, we held a healthy eating workshop and Scott showed a keen interest, spending time looking through magazines for healthy food and recipes. This was a bit of a light bulb moment – and a real turning point for Scott.

We worked closely with him, his new home and dieticians from the local health authority to find out the changes Scott wanted to make. He was really keen to take the lead, doing his own shopping with staff support and making healthy food choices. He also decided to join Slimming World – which eventually led to him being crowned male slimmer of the year!

In total, Scott has lost four stone, which is an unbelievable achievement. He’s so much more outgoing and his whole outlook on life has changed. He’s more confident, and we’ve been keen to support him to follow his interests – one of which is music.

I want to be a rock star

A boy with drumsticks and a man, beside a drum kitWe had noticed that Scott spent a lot of time at the centre watching drumming videos on YouTube. So we suggested going to a local music shop, where Scott was able to have a go on the drums. The shop assistant told us he had a real flair for it, as well as a natural rhythm. So, with Scott’s agreement, we hunted out drumming lessons.

By coincidence, Leeds Drumming Academy had just opened, run by a professional instructor, and so he signed up. He’s been going weekly for the past ten months.

At a recent person centred planned meeting, which was held in a pub at his request, Scott told us that he wanted to join a band. Together, his home and staff at the centre got the word out, using forums, to find him a band to join. With a bit of persistence we found one, and he’s now rehearsing every Saturday morning. He’s done some DJing, too.

Scott’s got talent

Scott’s dream is to appear on Britain’s Got Talent, and so we’re taking steps to help him achieve this goal. He’s joined a local disability group, Get Connect, with a friend from the centre, and has signed up to take part in their talent show next year.

Look out for Scott on your television screen soon!

See a video of Scott drumming below, or on watch on YouTube.

Sense runs resource centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, where individuals are supported to choose from a wide range of activities and programmes. These help people to develop their communication and living skills, and provide opportunities for self-expression through all sorts of activities, including arts and crafts, sport and exercise, sensory stimulation and much more.

Author: Shelley Thomas-Sanderson

Shelley is manager of Sense’s Rodney Clark Resource Centre in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

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