How my marathon run inspired students who are deafblind to get involved

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Ben and a student from Rothwell Resource Centre

My first step into a career in the care sector began three and a half years ago when I became a Learning Support Assistant with Sense College’s Rothwell Resource Centre.

Ever since then, my life has taken off. By the end of that first week I knew that this was where and what I wanted to be. I am passionate to provide the best service for our students; it is the reason I work here and why I am running the Milton Keynes Marathon on 1 May, raising money for our centre.

Getting the students involved

Alongside the Milton Keynes Marathon is a Superhero Fun Run, which I thought was a great way to get students involved. That way, they could be involved in raising money too, and get to experience the atmosphere and fun of a big race event. It also meant, by including everyone and making it a shared event, I couldn’t back out!

Being supported to experience something like this, and coming away with a fancy medal, is a great achievement. This is one of the main reasons I decided to start our very own 5K race day at the Rothwell Resource Centre.

Supporting a student to run

Almost two years ago, a student told me he wanted to take part in a race and win a medal. I was able to support him to achieve his goal. We spent time using the running track and ended that summer term with a Rothwell Resource Centre 5K race day. Awards and medals were handed out to all the students.

I did look into entering the student and myself into an official UK Athletics race, but nothing I could find was either weather or wheelchair friendly for him.

A boy in a wheelchar and man pointing

Finding our opportunity

With the Superhero Fun Run, we’d finally found a large scale event the student and six others can take part in. It’s proving an exciting new experience for everyone! So while I run the full Milton Keynes Marathon, the students will take part in the Superhero Fun Run, ending at the same stadium finish line.

I’ve a guaranteed group of cheerleaders to shout encouragement as we go round!

We’ve all been working hard to gain sponsorship for our various runs and all of the money that we raise will go towards paying for enrichment activities at the centre.

Before working here I have never been proud of, or truly happy with what I do or where I work. To be able to help add to what we can do by running, something I (in theory) enjoy doing is the least I feel I can do.

It is also worth a mention that, thanks to Sense I met a lovely lady who is now my wife, the Education Service Manager at the Centre.

Support Ben and the students of Rothwell Resource Centre via their JustGiving page.

If you are interested in a career in the care sector, find out more on our Job Vacancies page.

Author: Benjamin Phillips

Benjamin works as a Learning Support Assistant at Sense College, Rothwell Resource Centre

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