Meet our #TeamSense runners who are running the London Marathon this month

On Sunday 28 April, #TeamSense runners will be taking on the Virgin Money London Marathon, to raise money for people with complex disabilities, including those who are deafblind. Ten of our incredible runners share their story.

Paul is running for his nephew who is supported by Sense

“Due to complications at birth, Jaxon has a number of eye conditions. My brother and sister-in-law were put in touch with Sense where a family support worker, was able to develop an amazing relationship with him, encouraging him to wear his glasses, play and develop his attention span.
He has come leaps and bounds since starting and met some great friends. I feel proud to be running for Sense and very grateful for what they do to support children and adults with complex disabilities.”

Sarah is running for her Lily, who has an auditory processing disorder, which means she is unable to process what she hears or sees around her

“I am running for Sense to make my children proud of me especially my daughter Lily who turns thirteen, two days before the marathon. I am feeling very nervous as I’ve never run a marathon or even a big race, but also so excited about seeing the crowds on the day.”

Akram will be running his 70th marathon and this one will be for Sense

“I’m currently on sixty-seven marathons and looking forward to running two more in the build up to London, which will be my seventieth marathon in three and a half years. Sense are doing some incredible work to support people with complex disabilities and I am excited as ever.”

Donna is running her tenth marathon for Sense

“I met a runner who had a deafblind son. The whole family were shocked and did not know where to turn until someone told them about Sense. He said that him and his wife would not have coped without the charity’s support. The family’s courage and resilience really inspired me, and since then, I have been a lifelong supporter and fundraiser for the charity.”

Felicity is running for her friend’s daughter who is blind and was born with a degenerative illness

“Not long after finding out about Alayna, I was emailed by Sense on places still up for grab to run for them. It was a moment of fate! I am thrilled to be running for Sense who are doing some amazing work to help children like Alayna to communicate and experience the world.”

Join us next week for more London Marathon stories.

If you’d like to know more about what you need to do to run The Marathon for Sense, visit our London Marathon information page.

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