After a lifetime of caring, no parent or disabled adult should be left fearing the future.

With approximately 1.7 million disabled adults being cared for by family and friends across the UK it is important that we recognise the invaluable contribution that these carers make to society.

That’s one of the reasons Sense has partnered this year with Carers Week – to recognise, celebrate and champion the amazing work that carers do, and call for more support for carers and their disabled loved ones. Particularly when it comes to thinking about and planning for the future.

A recent survey by Sense revealed that over two thirds (67%) of families caring for disabled adults with complex needs live in fear of what will happen to their loved one when they are no longer able to provide support. 9 out of 10 (95%) family carers say they have little to no trust in local authorities being able to provide adequate care to their loved one.

Without receiving the right support to plan for the future, many family carers feel lost and unsure of where to start. As a result, 3 in 4 (75%) have no long-term plan in place for when they are no longer able to provide support.

Many of the families we support are living each day at a time, focusing on the immediate care needs of their disabled loved one with little or no time to consider the future. This is further compounded by the lack of information available to families, services available to meet needs and access to vital support such as respite.

Disabled people and their family carers desperately need peace of mind and deserve to feel confident about the future. That’s why Sense’s When I’m Gone campaign, launched last year, calls for more support for families to care now, but also to plan for the future. After a lifetime of caring, no parent or disabled adult should be left living in fear about the future.

We need to see greater support for disabled people and their family carers; connecting them to information, to support, to each other and to their communities.  At Sense, our vision is to see a world where no one is left out, isolated or unable to fulfil their potential.  That’s why we’re a proud partner of Carers Week 2019, focusing on Getting Carers Connected.  Working together with our partners across the sector we want to celebrate the support that carers provide, but also to call for greater support now and in the future.

For more information about Sense’s When I’m Gone campaign visit:

Author: Richard Kramer

Richard Kramer is the Chief Executive Officer of Sense.

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