It feels like home

How Sense staff at a supported living service in Sheffield helped Martin to live a more independent life.

Martin sitting on the sofa talking to his support worker
© Mike Pinches 2017

Sense first met Martin after a referral from the local authority. Martin had been living in a nursing home and staff were concerned that he was becoming increasingly withdrawn and unwilling to interact with others. The home wasn’t able to provide activities that Martin could participate in and there was a general lack of routine which left him feeling anxious and unsettled.

Following an initial assessment, it was agreed that Martin would be happier in a supported living setting. Over a period of weeks, support workers spent time with Martin, getting to know him; his daily routine, communication needs, what’s important to him and how best to support him. Staff built trust, familiarity and consistency and Martin was able to engage in the planning to move him to his new home.

Martin moved into his new home and was immediately involved in day-today activities: making drinks, helping to prepare meals and cleaning and washing up. He can choose different activities to do each day including arts and crafts and gardening.

Martin spending time in his kitchen with his support worker holding a bunch of flowers
© Mike Pinches 2017

“It feels like home!” Martin says.

Martin had not been outside for over 16 years due to his anxieties. Throughout his first year in his new home, staff gradually built up his trust and confidence to go outside. This started by opening windows and doors which Martin had always ensured were closed in the past. A few months after this staff members encouraged Martin to come into the garden – and after receiving support all that day Martin took his first steps onto the garden! This was a huge achievement for Martin which he is very proud of.

Support worker showing a photo book with a picture of the day Martin went outside for the first time
© Mike Pinches 2017

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