Who’s your Sense Superstar?

The Sense Awards are back for their 16th year and now is your chance to nominate your Sense Superstar. The Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of people with complex disabilities, as well as those who support them.

From celebrating carers that have provided outstanding support to their loved ones, to incredible fundraisers, or companies that have developed a new innovative product helping those with complex disabilities – there is a category for everyone and everything.

With only four weeks left to nominate your Sense Superstar, we’re taking a look at some of last year’s winners.

Person of the Year: Marcos Sanjurjo-Preito

Marcos spent a year working towards his goal of opening a tuckshop within Sense’s adult service in Barnet, TouchBase South East. He overcame great barriers to deliver on his business proposal, and oversaw the opening of the shop. Marcos showed great commitment to making sure everyone at the service knows about the shop and uses it – and it’s still going strong a year later! 

Young Person of the Year: Harry Headland

Harry, a student at Sense College, Rothwell, rises to any challenge and never sees his disabilities as a barrier. Harry received this award as he works very hard at his work placements, taking real pride and a sense of achievement from every job he completes. His work colleagues really value his contribution and dedication. After several attempts, he was awarded his functional maths certificate from Northampton College and worked extremely hard to pass modules of his Level 2 BSL. As a student governor, Harry also played a very important role in the continued development of Sense College. And on top of all this – he also ran a 5k race to raise money for Sense!

Carer of the Year: Satnam Kaur

Satnam is a single mother of three and lone carer for her daughter Gurpreet, who has complex needs. Next to the remarkable love and care she provides to Gurpreet, Satnam has also campaigned bravely to keep her local respite centre, Nascot Lawn, open. Nascot Lawn provided Satnam with a break from caring and a time when she could pay special attention to her other two children, Amy and Ekraj. Alongside other parents Satnam fought tirelessly when she learnt that the local authority were planning to close the service, starting a legal battle and collecting over 15,000 signatures in support. Satnam also featured in the Disabled Children Partnership’s campaign, of which Sense is a member, to highlight the £1.5bn funding gap for disabled children’s services.

Young Sibling of the Year: Johnson Lewis

11-year-old Johnson loves playing with his brother, 3-year-old Ralfie. The two have come up with their games and own way of communicating. Johnson is an amazing brother to Ralfie and the way he puts his brother’s needs before his own at such a young age is remarkable. If this wasn’t enough, Johnson also started to learn Braille and is teaching other children, and his teacher, the communication method. His mum, Charlotte, said:

“My son he isn’t your average 11-year-old boy. I don’t know many 11-year-old boys who would put a sibling before themselves or spend as much time and effort to make them happy and care for them as he does.”

These are just some of the incredible people that have been honoured with a Sense Award and there are many more categories to recognise and celebrate people with complex disabilites and those that support them. Nominations close 10 June, 5pm!

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