Rathin and Ryan – Buddying

Freesia and Rathin on a Zoom call.
Rathin and Freesia on Zoom call

Rathin who is 19 was referred by his mother, Roshan, who approached Sense via the Information and Advice service. Rathin had been expressing to his mum that he had been feeling lonely and wanted to connect with people his age and pursue his interests. The Buddying Team met with Rathin at college and he spoke at length about things he enjoyed; specifically busses, travel, cinema but, most importantly, his desire to make some friends outside of his family. Rathin absolutely above all, enjoyed chatting and was hoping to meet someone to support him in navigating teenage anxiety, explore options for his future career, move into adulthood and meet some new people.

With the help of the Buddying Team, Rathin and his mum were set up on Zoom in preparation for their first session with Ryan, the new buddy! Roshan joined in the new session but was soon happy to let the boys chat and have fun.

Visit our YouTube channel to view Rathin’s first Zoom session with Freesia.

On second session we were hoping to play Roblox but some online technical faults meant that we had to find other options. Ryan, already having spent some time talking to Rathin, devised a fun game which involved them both identifying TFL symbols. This went down a treat with Rathin and was soon getting competitive.

Rathin and Ryan attended a Zoom quiz together along with other young people on the programme (including a young person who also LOVES transport). Rathin was overjoyed to see a boy he had met briefly at college and they were all getting along like a house on fire.

Visit our YouTube channel to view the video of the quiz night.

Rathin said he would love to do a quiz all about transport in the future which Ryan quickly agreed to put together and host.

Roshan was keen to tell the team how the pair had been getting along saying, ‘these sessions are going really well with Rathin & Ryan, he talks about the activities and his volunteer a lot, its good he’s had something to do in this time’

Freesia, Rathin and Ryan on a Zoom call quiz night
A quiz night on Zoom

‘Myself and Rathin always enjoy the sessions. We both love to chat about things we are passionate about, and we can easily spend half an hour discussing movies in the cinema. We are both extremely inquisitive people, so our discussions and researching of films can easily snowball and lead to us discovering new facts etc together.

Rathin is a very kind and polite person, and as each session goes on I have seen his confidence grow.

Rathlin sometimes talks about his worries and concerns with me, and I think it’s really beneficial for him to talk about these things with someone who isn’t a family member or councillor etc.

It’s lovely to see how much Rathin has flourished in the short time that I have been his buddy’

Email  from volunteer Ryan

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