Friendship trumps lockdown

Two young men talking. Friendship trumps lockdown.

We knew that Coronavirus, and the ways it has restricted all our lives, would also have a major impact on the people we support at Sense. It would be difficult for some of the people we support to understand why they were no longer able to see their friends, attend their usual centres, or go about life in their usual way.

Asif and Ashton are two young men who attend Sense College in Streatley, Luton. They struck up a friendship many years ago after finding a common interest in music, singing and making each other laugh with silly noises!

 “Ashton’s mum told me that he was getting bored at home,” says Hayley Bettles. “They were trying to keep him occupied with games and trips to their allotment but he kept asking for ‘car’  – meaning he wants to go to college.

“Asif was getting on well at home, helping out around the house with his family, but was also missing college, and asking after his friend Ashton. So the families agreed to exchange phone numbers so that Asif and Ashton could keep in touch.

“Ashton’s mum told me that when the phone rang, and she said ‘Asif is on the phone for you’, Ashton promptly snatched the phone from her and had the widest smile on his face that she had seen for weeks! The friends had a lengthy phone call, with Asif bursting into choruses of ‘Twinkle, twinkle’ and ‘Old McDonald’ and the pair exchanging lots of  silly noises and fits of laughter!

 “Ashton had the widest smile on his face that she had seen for weeks!”

We are hoping that it won’t be too much longer before the friends can be back together at  the college, but for now at least they can look forward to regular phone calls to pass the time!!

Read the full article in our magazine Talking Sense.

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