Like many disabled people, I experience loneliness on a daily basis

"Simple things like going to the pub can the stressful" - Ian, Jo Cox LonelinessI experience loneliness on a daily basis, as do many disabled people I speak to. Public attitudes, accessibility and employment support are all areas that must be addressed if we are to tackle social isolation for disabled people.

I was born partially deaf and have limited vision as a result of Usher syndrome, a progressive condition which slowly causes my eyesight to deteriorate.

I always liked to keep busy with work and friends. However, as my eyesight deteriorated, it felt like my ability to do this became hindered.

But in reality it’s a lack of awareness and support that limit disabled people.

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Life through a lens: my lifelong love of photography

A framed print with a thick wooden frame, landscape image of a cityscape.
A framed print,  in preparation for his exhibition

Every time I take a photograph I put my heart and soul into my work. I have been fortunate enough to capture some creative people through my career. Meeting the singer Lisa Stansfield was an honour, and to take her portrait was amazing. She is a beautiful woman; really witty and creative.

It was in my teens when my eyesight began to deteriorate, due to having Usher syndrome. This didn’t diminish my love of photography, though – and I’ve been taking and exhibiting my pictures for years.
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