When you’re deaf, public transport can be a nightmare

A ticket office in a station with a small queue

I’m a lady of a certain age, as they say, and I am very deaf. I love travelling and use public transport all over the place, very regularly. My bus pass is one of my most treasured possessions.

For deaf people, things aren’t too bad with public transport – although I dread people trying to make conversation with me over the noise of a bus. I used to love random conversations with strangers before I lost my hearing, but now I either have to ignore them, confess my disability, or struggle to take part. Continue reading “When you’re deaf, public transport can be a nightmare”

Can broadcast live subtitling be improved?

Image shows part of a television screen with live subtitling reading "With the latest here's Andy Moore"

For deaf people, accurate live subtitling can allow full engagement with the visual content. That’s why, as a deaf person, and a Sense Digital Champion, I was particularly interested to learn more about the development of subtitling technologies at a recent Ofcom round-table event, feeding back on the quality of broadcast live subtitles.

Continue reading “Can broadcast live subtitling be improved?”