Final Dates of Tour

The no such thing as empty space tour finished this weekend at MK gallery in Milton Keynes.
It was the centre’s last show before they close for a massive refurbishment and re-open in 2017!

no such thing as empty space milton keynes-10

It’s been quite a journey since the project started a year ago, with so many contributing to the project through recording and making the sound installation, hundreds have experienced the artwork which includes a vibrating panel with hidden speakers attached to a surround sound system and gives the audience a chance to wear vibrating vests by Subpac.

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No such thing….the tour so far

Over the past month we’ve been touring our immersive installation created by Sense students from Peterborough, Luton and Cornwall.

The project has been supported by Metal Peterborough and Metal Southend and we’ve also collaborated with sound art consultants  Call & Response and tactile technology experts Subpac

The tour kicked off at Metal Peterborough on the 18th June:

4    IMG_3959

It was great to see such a mix of visitors, which included local artists, passers-by, dignitaries and of course bus loads of students from regional centres including Hampton and Bourne.

3    2

Two features of the installation are a vibrating sign with 6 speakers attached to the back of it and the amazing vibrating packs from Subpac

1    IMG_3997

As part of the launch in Peterborough, some of the Hampton students performed in the Metal Garden:

IMG_3991    garden small

Next was Southend as part of Village Green Festival

The install:

DSC_0231    DSC_0218


Local young people who came as part of ‘next generation’ were queueing up all day to have a go:

DSC_0453    DSC_0310


The saturday was manic; with almost 30,000 people at the festival we had all sorts of people dropping in, including a local MP: Click Here For Video

The following weekend we went to Village Beach in Grays:

DSC_0390    DSC_0495

The tour is taking a break for August but we’ll be back in September at Milton Keynes Gallery on 5th-6th Sept.

Watch this space!!







Building Sound Installation

I’ve spent the last week mixing and beginning the build of the sound installation that’s going to be launched at Metal:

The mixing and build has been taking place at Call & Response’s ambisonic space in London:

Matt Lewis @ Studio - Web Quality (1 of 3) Matt Lewis @ Studio - Web Quality (2 of 3) Matt Lewis @ Studio - Web Quality (3 of 3)

It’s been really exciting hearing all the sounds that have been collected appearing in 3D. I’ve also been getting advice from the super knowledgeable Sense Technology Co-ordinator Donna Corrigan.

No such thing as empty space

I’m spending this week working with an acoustician and a set a set builder at the Call and Response Gallery in London:

Matt Lewis image copy
We’re designing an immersive installation with vibrating panels and floor. We’ve been testing out how different materials respond to different frequencies being played through them.

Tomorrow I’m in Luton and Peterborough and we’ll be listening back to some of the recordings made over the last 6 months

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Miles and Miles and Miles…

On Dunstable downs you can see for miles and miles…

dunstable low 1

We wanted to find out how high-end equipment might extend our ears across the counties that were visible from the hill-top. On pointing the microphone across the hills, one of the participants commented “there’s a car just over there”. In the distance maybe two miles away a car was creeping across the valley, it appeared tiny to me but to the student without sight, holding the mic it was his focus.

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There is no such thing as an empty space

One of the best parts of being a sound artist is that I get to listen to places and environments that I probably otherwise wouldn’t get access to.  With Sense students we’ve been listening to some special sounds, either through the apparatus we’ve used or through the openness of groups who’ve let us into their worlds.

luton park low

In Luton with students from Keech we recorded  under water sounds using hydrophones; water is a much better conductor of sound than air and things sound amazing under water.

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Thinking through sound

I’m really interested in how we think through our Senses, especially when experiencing something through one sense evokes an experience in another. For example what mental image does a sound or a touch provoke?

peterborough low

During the past weeks I’ve been collecting audio recordings with groups of young people from Sense Hampton, Keech and GOT Cornwall.

We’ve been recording lots of different sounds from many sources including birds, machinery, two different cathedrals as well as under water sounds using hydrophones.


gallery 1 low

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