Piloting inclusive arts consultation at Sense Arts.

Young boy sat in a wheelchair being supported by a woman who is supporting him working on a Sense Arts project.

What’s it all about?

In late 2018, Sense Arts were delighted to get funding from Arts Council of England to develop a strategic arts plan for the next phase of inclusive arts at TouchBase Pears.

They want the strategy to reference the ethos and practice that they’re passionate about and showcase to the fullest, the talents of those they’re nurturing through this programme.

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Success for Sensibility Festival

A woman touching a textured see-through piece of fabric

Sensibility was a three-day disability arts festival in Birmingham that showcased the contributions and connections to arts and creativity of sixty deafblind and disabled people. It brought together a diverse audience from all over the country, to celebrate and share a unique experience.

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A new disability arts festival is coming to Birmingham

A man seated at a table, feeling a green cube

For years, Sense has been supporting people with sensory impairments and complex communication needs to be creative through arts workshops that explore everything from painting, to using vibrating backpacks to experience sounds.

With our new Birmingham-based multi-purpose venue, TouchBase Pears, there’s now a permanent space for artists and disabled people to come together and collaborate in new creative ways, including an arts festival taking place in May.

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Five go on a musical journey

Musicians and young person as part of the Music Making project
Musicians and young person as part of the Music Making project

Five young people with sensory impairments experienced a week-long musical extravaganza in August, enjoying sound and sensory theatre at our Summer Music Making Project in Coventry. The creative project, which was a collaboration with theatre company Talking Birds, saw the group explore acoustic and electronic sounds, play, listen and ‘feel’ music, and set sail on a sing-along sensory boat ride.

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Sensory Theatre Workshop in Birmingham

Sense had the opportunity to host Laura SanKey , a second year student, from the University of Leeds , studying Theatre and Performance on a volunteer placement during April 2016.

Laura wanted to gain experience facilitating workshops with Sense participants to further her career in Sensory Theatre. The aim of the workshop was to create an immersive setting, exploring elements from the chosen theme of outer space”.

Her work is very much influenced by the role of the senses, focusing on this area within her studies. The exploration of the senses, during the workshop, enabled it to be accessible for all – engaging both staff and participants to form a new theatrical experience . Her work incorporates the use of sign, with a strong focus on group work and the capability of each individual using lights, tactile engagements, silhouettes and mirroring.

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Pottery Collaboration between The Flying Potter and The Garden Room

As part of the Creative Black Country fund, Sense had the fantastic opportunity to work with Jon Williams – the flying potter,  from Eastnor Pottery. Eight Sense participants had the chance to create ceramic artworks and develop their skills as a potter.

As founder of Eastnor Pottery, Jon has years of experience delivering inclusive workshops, and delivered three bespoke workshops for Sense participants. The first workshop took place at Eastnor Pottery next to Ledbury. The other two workshops happened at Sense’s community resource centre, The Garden Room, in Smethwick.

In all three workshops, participants created pieces on the potter wheel and by freehand. Jess Evans from The Garden Room also helped with the expert facilitation by offering 1:1 support in the workshop for whoever needed it.  The end creations will be exhibited in the Garden Room and will be a part of the ‘I Know I Can’t See But I Still Look’  exhibition, in collaboration with Glenn Howells Architects.


Support Worker

“The workshops have been a real success. You can tell from the way people are smiling and laughing aloud when joining in ”

Support Worker

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