Take Pride

Pride flag

June is Pride month. It marks the continuing importance of promoting the dignity, equality, and increased visibility of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) community. Pride and self-affirmation are the focus, counteracting the ‘shame’ and ‘stigma’ that many individuals have previously felt or been made to feel.

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We’re in this together

Two people holding hands.

Throughout the lockdown, we have all been finding new and interesting ways to connect with one another. Social interaction has been incredibly important for everyone’s mental health, wellbeing and sense of connection. Across the country, the people we support have been finding amazing ways to stay in each other’s lives and supporting each other when loneliness starts setting in.

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The Welsh Connection

Staff at Sense TouchBase Cymru taking part in a sociable Zoom meeting.

Every Thursday, we rally together and clap for our carers. During this time, key workers all over the UK have been doing an incredible job, not only by supporting the nation but by giving us all hope. Kate Wright, the manager of Sense TouchBase Cymru, is incredibly proud of her entire team and the way that they have responded to the lockdown.

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Connecting Differently

A young lady communicating via an app

May 15 marks the International Day of Families and now, more than ever, has there been a need for us to connect differently on a global scale. At Sense, connecting differently is something we have been doing since we were founded in 1955 – Sense is here to help people communicate and experience the world.

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Above and Beyond

Three brightly coloured homemade sensory boards lying flat on the floor.
A selection of homemade sensory boards.

This is an uncertain time for everyone including the adults, children and families that Sense supports. A break of structure and not seeing familiar faces regularly can have devastating effects on the people we support which, in turn, affects the whole family. Sense staff are finding new, innovative and creative ways to provide much needed support and care. Take our services in Northern Ireland, for example. Maintaining physical distancing in a safe way has not stopped the staff team from being socially active in the lives of the people they support.

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Introducing sensory play – how you can keep your children happy and stimulated at home

A young child dipping their feet in a water bowl with toys floating in it.

These are challenging times for the parents and carers of children who are deafblind or those with complex disabilities, who are now at home without access to their usual support networks. It’s so important that children are still able to get creative, play and have fun, so we wanted to share some fantastic sensory activities which you can do at home with your children. Here are a short series of films that demonstrate how you can support children at home to keep them happy and stimulated.

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