Thinking through sound

I’m really interested in how we think through our Senses, especially when experiencing something through one sense evokes an experience in another. For example what mental image does a sound or a touch provoke?

peterborough low

During the past weeks I’ve been collecting audio recordings with groups of young people from Sense Hampton, Keech and GOT Cornwall.

We’ve been recording lots of different sounds from many sources including birds, machinery, two different cathedrals as well as under water sounds using hydrophones.


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Rock, Pop and Charming

photo 3 (1280x853)


The Victoria and Albert Museum is full of things you can get your hands on, as long as you know where to look!

Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration, as we found at our very special day at the V&A this month. We started our tour with some trying on of costumes. We often forget about the sensory impact of textiles, the different textures and smells that fabrics hold. The V&A have a vast collection, each with their own story.

This month’s performance, Rock, Pop and Charming explores the musical legacy of Adam Ant. Hats and capes, tambourines and drums all featured, and there were a few Prince Charming’s too!

IMG_4832 (1280x853)

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Lake Animals & Creative Envelopes for the Mini Exhibitions

20141018_112845Each week, we start by looking at the participants’ homework.

Flipping through Sheila’s, one of our most enthusiastic participants, I could smell some sort of Chinese food.

The origin of this smell came from her collage with sweet corn that she took from her dinner last week.

She said after the previous class (making collages with marshmallow and raisins)  she wanted to make some extra works.

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Pop-up Garden with Puffed Up Marshmallows



The topic of today’s class was to  make a `Pop-up Garden’.

Being asked to bring any materials to make a garden in `free-style’, Charlotte, one of the participants said this after opening
bags full of fun stuff from her house.

It was slightly easier because I could bring anything interesting but it was slightly harder because I didn’t know how to use it.
Unlike previous weeks that materials were given, this week, participants were asked to bring any thing to use in the class.
To make things more interesting, I prepared some marshmellows and raisins.
Participants enjoyed using them ( while feeling their squishy texture)

as borders of the path,


(by Sheila)

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A Pasta-House with a Biscuit Wall

This is one of the participants said after being asked about using different materials at the weeky art class:

It was interesting to work with different materials each week. If somebody told me to make a leaf out of wire or a bird out of leaves, I would be thinking it was mad. But  now that I’ve done it, I know it is possible to make.


To take a further step in finding materials for art from nature, this week, we used cooking ingredients as medium to build a house.


For an assignment last week, participants were asked to draw a house and a garden with a tree by incorporating various materials.

20141004_143648 20141004_143637 20141004_143626 20141004_143608

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Product review: Braille keyboard cover

Steven Morris
Close up of keys on the keyboard with coverBraille keyboard cover from A2i
Price: £60
Available from: A2i website

It is always exciting to investigate new technology which can help to open up the world of computers to those like myself who are deafblind and I was therefore very interested to review this new product from A2i.

The Braille keyboard cover is a moulded cover which fits over the keyboard meaning that a Braille user can easily identify what they are typing. The cover is designed to fit a specific USB keyboard which is provided as part of the product. When the box is opened, you will find that the cover has already been fitted for you to the keyboard.

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Paper and Leaf Birds

Unlike during the previous week when we used hard/industrial materials such as wood or nails, this week, we worked with soft materials such as papers and leaves.


Firstly, we worked with craft papers by forming bird shapes based on the participants’ homework of drawing five birds. Then, we glued strips of tissue paper as if they were feathers.
Although it seemed simple to use paper, which is a common material, it was challenging to make the right sized belly of the bird by forming a volume with thin pieces of paper.

sense-W6-bird crafts

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Next Generation Text Relay – the latest

Joff McGill

Joff McGill

BT have now publically committed to a launch of their Next Generation Text (NGT) Relay service on 1 October, nearly six months late.

The new platform has been tested throughout July, August and September and is now handling all text relay calls. A user trial has also been taking place, and over 400 people have participated. Sense welcomes this important but long overdue step to improved access to telecommunications for deafblind people.

The new NGT service will replace TextRelay and many users may already have noticed their calls going through the new BT have now solved the problems with the platform that led to the postponed launch last April, but if you experience problems when your call goes through NGT please let BT know at on the Next Generation Text Pilot website, or email

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The silent beauty of the Bradley

Molly with her guide dog UnisMolly Watt

This summer I took my A levels and was delighted with my results – I got two A*s in art and design and a C in English Lit/Lang. My parents congratulated me and bought me a few lovely gifts one being the Bradley Timepiece.

I had heard about “The Bradley” and thought it would be good for me, but on actually getting one I was elated as it was more than I had imagined.

The box it comes in is tactile and has Braille on it, whilst I’m not a braillist it is great that it has been made accessible in that way. On opening the box, which was a little fiddly, there were also Braille instructions which was impressive, for me instructions in large print would have been better or even a link to instructions I could access electronically.

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A Wooden Tree-house & coloured animals

Today, we made a tree-house using strings and nails based on the drawings that they made as homework.

Last week, participants were given some homework to do before today’s session.

Just as every teachers who give out homework to students, I was a bit unsure if people would actually do it.
But of course, our participants are great at proving my assumptions wrong.
Being asked to make fives drawings of tree-houses, Sara made wonderful drawings based on additional research.20140920_105947
For building a tree-house with strings and nails
 this is the sample that I brought for demonstration: