A Wooden Tree-house & coloured animals

Today, we made a tree-house using strings and nails based on the drawings that they made as homework.

Last week, participants were given some homework to do before today’s session.

Just as every teachers who give out homework to students, I was a bit unsure if people would actually do it.
But of course, our participants are great at proving my assumptions wrong.
Being asked to make fives drawings of tree-houses, Sara made wonderful drawings based on additional research.20140920_105947
For building a tree-house with strings and nails
 this is the sample that I brought for demonstration:
After seeing a demonstration of how to build a tree-house using strings, participants made a sketch of tree-house using charcoal.
Once they finished drawing, I hammered nails on to the wooden panel so that they could outline the house using strings.
After lunch, participants coloured the strings using acrylic paints.
Sheila who struggles to see was able to paint the roof of her house while tracing the strings.
The idea of using string was great because I could feel the strings when I paint them.
– Sheila
I am always amazed to see when students come up with new ways of using medium.
Carla who wanted to make a clear coloured line put a tissue paper underneath strings so that a wood surface wouldn’t get painted on.
Once they finished painting the tree-houses, they painted clay animals they made last week.
These animals were carefully wrapped and carried  back to the class for colouring:
 20140920_111724 20140920_111700 20140920_110051
For a group review, everyone displayed the works they made today: tree-houses and animals.
This is my favorite time of the class when they go around and see and feel what everyone else has made and share comments.

I love to see the proud looks on their faces!



Now that we made tree-houses, we are making birds next week.



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