Pop-up Garden with Puffed Up Marshmallows



The topic of today’s class was to  make a `Pop-up Garden’.

Being asked to bring any materials to make a garden in `free-style’, Charlotte, one of the participants said this after opening
bags full of fun stuff from her house.

It was slightly easier because I could bring anything interesting but it was slightly harder because I didn’t know how to use it.
Unlike previous weeks that materials were given, this week, participants were asked to bring any thing to use in the class.
To make things more interesting, I prepared some marshmellows and raisins.
Participants enjoyed using them ( while feeling their squishy texture)

as borders of the path,


(by Sheila)

or as roots of the spring onions,

(by Sara)

When there were a lot of option to choose in terms of material, I realise there are two types of working:
one is to brainstorm through material, the other is to use material after brainstorming.
Some people think about what to make while playing with material; others might start using materials once they have an idea.
I need to imagine in it my head first. Once I have it in mind I can make it.

Listening to Sheila, I found that imagination is such a powerful tool; even with sight impairment, once you have conjured up an image in your mind, you can give a visual form to it.

Sheila also said this after reflecting on the class when we made birds out of leaves:

I don’t look at the leaves in the same way I used to. After making the bird, they seem different now.

It’s so interesting how they incorporate everyday material in art making and also how that experiences change the way they see the familiar.




Next week, we will make a lake and animals that live around the lake.


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