Rock, Pop and Charming

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The Victoria and Albert Museum is full of things you can get your hands on, as long as you know where to look!

Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration, as we found at our very special day at the V&A this month. We started our tour with some trying on of costumes. We often forget about the sensory impact of textiles, the different textures and smells that fabrics hold. The V&A have a vast collection, each with their own story.

This month’s performance, Rock, Pop and Charming explores the musical legacy of Adam Ant. Hats and capes, tambourines and drums all featured, and there were a few Prince Charming’s too!

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With tailored British Sign Language interpreted performances for children and young people, the programme of pop-up performances is a fantastic example of how we can quickly build access and opportunities for participation for everyone into public spaces, like the V&A.

For children with multi-sensory impairments, its important to find other tactile avenues to experience a performance, and costume handling sessions, touch tours and percussion activities are really useful additions.

We couldn’t help but dance, and we can’t wait for more with the V&A.IMG_4883 (1024x683)

Adam Ant would be proud… The day did ‘stand and deliver’ and more!


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