You can be anything you want to be

This week, I’m pleased to introduce Zara-Jayne Arnold, writer/poet/performer. This is her poem… 

zara mirror

You can be anything you want to be.


The thing is I didn’t want to be a writer, I wanted to be an actor, but I was always writing scripts and living in my own little made-up world. Until Michael Landon entered – not in life form, but in spirit – he handed me his legacy and left his words: “if you make the audience cry, they keep coming back.”

It was after my nan’s death that I really put my heart into writing, and preserving not just my name – but the lives of William James Greenshields Davidson and Margret Rita Lavery Davidson, my granddad and nan.


I’m no one special and maybe Michael felt like that too, and maybe it’s other people that make you seem special in life and after. But somewhere and somehow people need to leave their mark on the planet and how they do it is up to them.


I’m Zara Jayne

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