Sense Active’s first gymnastics session

A deafblind boy, balancing on a beam, assisted by two guidesIn December we launched of our exciting new gymnastics and trampolining programme in Birmingham.

Kicking off their shoes, adventurous participants explored the soft matted floor, springy trampoline and big foam shapes with their hands and feet.

As an activity which is based on movements of the body, the gymnastics participants had the chance to experience what it feels like to create different shapes and movements, using both their own bodies and other objects. Using apparatus such as high beams, tunnels and a foam pit, there were many excellent examples of balancing, climbing, crawling and jumping.

The trampoline in particular proved extremely popular, with those taking part experiencing how the bouncing motion, moving through the air, can affect our internal senses.

“I enjoyed moving on the trampoline because my mobility is not great”

– feedback from one participant who enjoyed the freedom of movement that the gymnastics centre can provide.

A deafblind girl, balancing on a beam, assisted by two guidesWe have regular sessions taking place, so check out the Sessions section of the Sense Active Web pages for all the details.

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