Landmarks of Significance

Chapel Street Market, IslingtonChapel Street Market, IslingtonMaterial Memories Session 8 @ The Museum of Islington

This week we used the topic of ‘landmarks’ as our inspirational springboard for the session. Using Islington Landmarks as our starting point we had a look at some images of Horsley Public Baths, Grimaldi Park and of course Sadlers Wells and how they and changed over the years. We also had a chat about what landmarks had come up in previous sessions when thinking of childhood and maps.

In pairs, we had a think about which local and international landmarks were significant to us and how they jogged our memories of events past.

Landmarks of significance mentioned were:

So we had varied and diverse places to work from. People chose to stick, draw, sew, weave and bead their memories of place and we now have more panels for the quilt…

We had some visitors this week, the Sense Communications Team. Anna and Laurence waste no time chatting to the group, getting the low down on how it’s all going and snapping our makers hard at work. We gave them tea and cake and showed off our work so far…

The group have really caught the making bug. Enjoying the experience so much and their new found love of all rings material and crafty three of our group worked on at home and brought in to share with the group. There is a real anticipation of realising the quilt to the best possible standard and a sense that it is all hands to the decks in oder to ensure there are enough panels to adorn the finished quilt. Thank you ladies, your commitment to the project is much appreciated.


Packing up time and for the past two weeks the group have been asking ‘what next?’ There is a real sadness that the weeks are running out for this project, with only four more sessions left before the Material Memories Quilt is exhibited at The Islington Museum. This is just a starting point of interest for this group, as imaginations have been fired and new friends made.

3pm and time to pack up - three hours just seems to fly by.
3pm and time to pack up – three hours just seems to fly by.

This once group of strangers, are now good friends. Each session ends with hugs and kisses and ‘until next weeks’ and in some cases friendships have been established which carry on between sessions. The group have grown in creative confidence together and it has been a joy to be part of. No two weeks are the same and you never know what the makers will come up with next, this is the best thing about working with this group.

Next session: Watch out Islington we will be venturing out of the museum, roaming the streets on a psycho – geographic walkabout exploring the textures, smells, sounds and repeat patterns around our museum base camp and hopefully exploring doe local landmarks as a group.

Keep an eye out for how the quilt starts to take shape in the next oldblog post, as the panels start to be patch worked together.

Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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