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Steven Morris

In my latest technology oldblog post, I’m going to be taking a look at the Mybelle 650 telephone, which can be purchased from Action on Hearing Loss, and costs £44.16 (ex. VAT) or £52.99 (inc. VAT).

For people with hearing loss, using the phone can be a frustrating experience. Even since receiving my cochlear implants, which have had a huge impact on my hearing, using the phone is still something I do only when I really have to. I was therefore interested to try out the Mybelle 650 telephone, courtesy of Action on Hearing Loss.

The biggest problem many people with hearing loss have with using the phone is that it is too quiet, or that the sound isn’t clear enough. The Mybelle 650 telephone has very good sound quality and loudness. The ringer is also very loud—even on its lowest volume; it made me jump the first time I heard it ring! Plugging it in was straight-forward and it was up and running within a couple of minutes of getting it out of the box.

There are buttons on the phone so the volume of the call as well as the volume of the ringer can be adjusted. You can also adjust the tone of someone’s voice, which is particularly useful if the nature of your hearing loss is such that high frequency sounds are harder to hear. There is also a very loud hands free option as well. The 9 speed- dial buttons allow you to call people at the touch of a button, there is space to insert a small photo of the person with each speed-dial button so that you can easily identify who you are calling. The telephone keypad buttons are extremely large, so easy to feel for people with sight loss as well as hearing loss.

The phone is hearing aid compatible and, using the T-setting, I found I was able to hear the phone calls I made easily and clearly. It was so good in fact, that I didn’t even need to make use of the volume control for extra loudness. I did however, for the purposes of this review, and it certainly can amplify the sound much more than a normal phone.

I know Action on Hearing Loss receive a lot of positive feedback about this phone and it is easy to see why. Highly recommended.


5 thoughts on “Product review: Mybelle 650 telephone”

  1. I have now had two of these phones, initially they were excellent but when out of warranty they have both become distorted. I have spoken to the manufactures and once they knew they were out of warranty they were not interested!!!

    I strongly suspect they have a built in time failure, but as I say the makers are not interested.
    I do not recommend this phone.

  2. My mother got one of these last Dec 2015. It is now emitting a long, uninterrupted high pitched noise and no=one at the shop where we bought it seems to know how to fix it.

  3. My father has tried one of these phones and liked it but really wants one with an answerphone. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Paul

      thank you for your reply to my blog.

      There are a number of good accessible phones with answerphone built in. I’ve listed 2 below both of which can be purchased from the RNIB online shop.

      Firstly, a cordless phone is the Amplidect phone with answer phone:

      Or if you’d prefer a corded model, have a look at the Powertel 58+ amplified big button corded phone with answering machine:

      I hope this helps,

      Best wishes,

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