QUILT TALES @ The Paul Robeson Theatre Hounslow

Hot on the heels of Material Memories’ success we have embarked on a new quilting project.

Quilt Tales will be running at The Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow from May 26th until the end of July 2015. 

The project, which is run by Sense and funded by the London Borough of Hounslow, will be lead by Alex McEwan who is also, currently Artist in Residence at the University for the Creative Arts.

We will be sharing stories from our life experiences and experimenting with lots of different techniques and media.

Quilt Tales will also have an interactive sound element to it and will experiment with weaving light into he quilt for the first time… exciting developments.

Our nearly all male group, are off to a flying start, meeting and chatting to new friends, sharing their stories and making panels for Quilt Tales. So far we have got our initials done, drawn each other, been roving reporters and got stuck (often quite literally with high tack glue!)  in to making.

Below are some images from the new project, Quilt Tales: Workshops 1 & 2.


Quilt Tales
Some of our initial panels. Stencilled, hand written, cut from fabric, stitched and glued.
Quilt Tales
‘US’ by us. The group drew continuous line portraits of each other. A great ice breaker!
Quilt Tales
Paintings by Leo ‘The Unstoppable painter’. Unable to see, Leo recreates images ‘ in his mind’ describing them to Louise as he works.

Leo is a keen water-colourist. He spends two days a week indulging his creative passion because he has been a watercolorist all his life and as he said  ‘don’t see why I should stop now!’

I have observed that the need to create runs deep, is irrepressible, and best not ignored. This true of everyone and doesn’t cease when a sensory impairment takes hold in later life. If anything a sensory impairment serves to amplify the need to make in many.

Quilt Tales
Recreating a memory of a ship off the South Wales coast.


Quilt Tales
‘Rocky beach’ by Leo & Louise.
Quilt Tales
‘The Sea’ by Leo & Louise.
Quilt Tales
The first panels made in response to the makers memories. Smokey the family cat who was the same colour as the rug and so often got stood on. Meeting royalty and climbing trees.
Quilt Tales
Animated discussion about the changes in the Hounslow Borough over the years.

The nearly one to one assistance given to the makers is a key factor in getting so much out of only two sessions – so heartfelt thanks must go to Louise & Polly for all their attentive input.  Two workshops done and only 10 left until we have a new Sense Quilt… more ‘Tales’ required but I have every faith in this chatty group.

For regular updates on the progress of Quilt Tales follow us on the oldblog, twitter and Facebook.




Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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  1. I had a great time with the group this Tuesday, my first week volunteering with Sense. I’m looking forward meeting more of you and being involved with our quilts creation. Let’s get creative and crafty and find out what we can all achieve 🙂

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