No such thing…an immersive installation created by eighty young people

Over the past few months we’ve been touring our immersive installation created by eighty young people that Sense supports in Peterborough, Luton and Cornwall. The project that has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England, has been designed by the sound art group Call & Response and developed in-situ at Metal Peterborough.

Last stop was the contemporary art MK Gallery in Milton Keynes over the weekend of 5 & 6 September.


The weekend was a great success with many visitors dropping by the Project Space to immerse themselves in our sound project.

Two features of the installation are a vibrating sign with 6 speakers attached to the back of it and the amazing vibrating packs from Subpac.

1    IMG_3997
The tour kicked off at Metal Peterborough on the 18th June with Hampton Resource Centre students performing in the garden.

IMG_3991    garden small

From Peterborough we went on to Southend as part of Village Green Festival. With almost 30,000 people at the festival, local young people were queueing up all day to have a go.

The following weekend we went to Village Beach in Grays.

DSC_0390    DSC_0495

It was amazing to tour the project and show the creative work we did for six months – from music making and improvisation to field recordings and composing. 

Audio description by Dr Louise Fryer

You can download an audio description of the experience (6MB MP3) if you couldn’t make the performances.

Louise Fryer was a pioneer of Audio Description in the UK, piloting description for BBC television in the mid-90s. She describes for the National Theatre
and VocalEyes and has trained describers in the UK and Australia. Louise has a doctorate in psychology. Her research interests include visual perception, sensory substitution and immersion in audiovisual media for people with sensory loss. Louise is a teaching fellow at UCL in Audio Visual Translation. For over 20 years Louise was a presenter for BBC Radio.


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