Quilt Tales 2: A New Community Project @ Edward Pauling House.


Collaged friends and family
Collaged friends and family

QUILT TALES 2: Arts Project in Residence.

Phase two of our Hounslow Community Quilting project, Quilt Tales 2 got under way at Edward Pauling House (E.P.H) at the end of September 2015. This is unchartered territory on our quilting journey. We have never run a project within a sheltered housing setting and so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. E.P.H has got great facilities and a welcoming team so hopefully we can bring residents and others from nearby Hounslow locations together to get out, get making and get together. The project will be lead by Artist & Arts Facilitator; Alex McEwan, assisted by Textile Artist; Polly Hughes ( now a Sense quilting project veteran ), with additional support from new team member and super-volunteer; Emily.

Right! to work…




Week 1: Meet The Makers & Getting to know each-other.

As has become the custom when commencing a new London Borough Quilt we ask our makers to start by leaving their mark in the form of a panel with their initials on. Some demonstrated their prowess with a needle and thread whilst others got reacquainted with a paintbrushes, glue and scissors all aided by the Quilt Tales fab team. This is a community quilt and we all add our initials to start the ball rolling and whilst we work we get to know each other …and get our coffee mugs covered in glue! All we need is a can-do attitude, a table cloth and plenty of coffee!



Tah Dah! the results.. not bad for the first day! The first panels for our new quilt, which promises to be a colourful and tactile one.


But the makers didn’t stop there… there was the option of taking it easy and having a well earned rest and a biscuit but no! Not for this group, caught on a wave of creativity they surfed  on to start new  panels about the things they hold most dear. A great start everyone, now we just have to get some more residents involved!

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Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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