Stamp of Approval – Quilt Tales 2

Car & Star print
Celia’s Car & Star print

Week 2

Creative Activity: Print & Stamp Making.

Tales Topic: Being Naughty & Playing Pranks.

This week we went back to joyful basics. For most in this group it has been a while since they rolled up their sleeves and got a bit painty. Using pre made stamps and sponges our Quilt Tales makers got stamping and chatting and produced A LOT of repeat pattern fabric samples.

Sometimes less is more and this was clearly true this week. A simple and straight forward making activity allowed room for conversation and set an informal and relaxed atmosphere, all key elements for cementing a positive group rapport between makers and facilitators.

“Doing this is calming, it’s good have your hands occupied whilst you talk, it helps you think more clearly, like doing knitting….I should do more arts and crafts and try more new things because I enjoy it, It takes your mind of your problems, it’s just a matter of confidence. I should try more things and I will try, you have inspired me.’ – Celia 


Simple but effective patterns will play back drop and act as fabric punctuation marks between the cheeky tales told and shared at the Quilt Tales workshops this week.

Celia's repeat pattern stamp print.
Celia’s repeat pattern stamp print.

Each week we ask for feedback from our makers – it is after all, their workshop and we are keen they should take ownership of the quilt and have active input as to how it develops. Feedback also keeps us on our toes and makes us rethink how best to make sessions as engaging as possible for our makers. Thank you for all your hard work everyone!

This week’s feedback:

‘Exhausting!’      ‘Interesting’       ‘Messy fun’      ‘Very good’      ‘Calming’          ‘Inspiring’

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Author: Alex McEwan

Alex is an artist who specialises in inclusive and accessible community arts projects, such as Sense's TEXTtile and Quilt Tales.

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