I’m so proud of my daughter for showing the world that wearing hearing aids is normal

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My daughter, Skye, who is 11-years-old, is your typical young girl who likes musicals, playing football and reading. However, because of sight and hearing loss, she’s worn glasses and hearing aids since she was at nursery school.

One day, she took a look at her hearing aids and said ‘I don’t want to wear them anymore.’ She’d needed them since she was three but had recently become self-conscious about it.

Skye showed her schoolmates she wasn’t so different from them

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At the beginning of this school year, Skye began refusing to wear her hearing aids, and I didn’t know what to do. Then a teacher suggested making a video of Skye talking about her hearing aids, to show her schoolmates, that she wasn’t so different from them. We uploaded the video and the response to it was amazing.

Skye now has a YouTube channel, ‘Hear Comes Skye’, which to date, has attracted over 281 subscribers and 22,208 views. Best of all, she doesn’t worry or get frustrated about wearing hearing aids and has been able to educate viewers who were interested in learning more about disability, and inspire young people who were going through a similar experience. Her confidence levels have improved and her self-esteem skyrocketed and that’s been so reassuring!

Skye has remained resilient

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The concerns and worries as a mother are still there. For example, the hardest thing is taking in information you get given at appointments, and having to process what’s being said and what all the medical terms mean.

It’s also hard putting Skye through blood tests and scans to find out the cause of her hearing and vision loss. I don’t think we will get a reason for it, and no one can tell me if her hearing and vision will start to baseline or if it will get continually worse. Despite this she has managed to remain resilient and upbeat about all her problems.

With the support of her school and the buzz around her YouTube channel, she’s keen to upload videos on how people should act around those who wear hearing aids. She also wants to interview me and ask me how I felt when she was told she needed hearing aids and was partially sighted!

A YouTube star in the making

Skye’s videos are informative and entertaining. Watch her video about wearing hearing aids in school on the embedded player below, or view it on YouTube.

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Author: Charlotte Cohen

Charlotte is the mother of Skye, who has a visual and hearing impairment. Skye, who is 11 years old, started her own YouTube channel to share her experiences and build her confidence.

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