I used to make cars, now I work for Sense

Portrait photograph of a smiling manMy name is Errol and I started working at Sense as a support worker in 2009 before becoming a Registered Care Manager. I started my working life in retail, then became a forklift truck driver before moving to the production line at MG Rover, where I worked for ten years.

When I was made redundant from MG Rover, a friend who worked at Sense suggested I apply for a job. She saw that my football coaching skills would be useful because I had experience working with and motivating all kinds of people. I couldn’t imagine myself working in care because I’d always worked in manufacturing or retail. I kind of thought that could be where I’d stay.

I took another industrial job, but a couple of years later was made redundant again. This time I had some warning, and time to think about what I wanted to do next. I decided that I’d change career and that this time, apply for a job in the care sector.

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